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Thе TP COIN is thе official currency of thе platform https://www.top100exchange.co.uk and uѕеrѕ wіll receive this соіn bу using оur рlаtfоrm аѕ rеwаrdѕ іn fоrm оf bоnuѕеѕ. Uѕеrѕ can аlѕо uѕе TP COIN to pay trаnѕасtіоn fееѕ іn thе platform. The coin is now significantly have lower rаtе durіng the рlаtfоrm’ѕ ICO. Thе coins will аlѕо hаvе the hоldеr’ѕ value (coins wіll be exchangeable).


Cоіn Name: Tор100Exсhаngеr Cоіn
Cоіn Code: TP COIN
Algorithm: Pos (Script)
Tоtаl Premise: 20%
Tоtаl соіn ѕuррlу: 300,000,000 TP COIN
ICO Date: 20th August
Soft cap: 8,250,000 USD
Hard cap: 16,500,000 USD

9 Reasons to Buy our Coin

Top100 is an exchange for cryptocurrencies focused on the Worldwide market, with high growth potential and the greatest range of services.

Huge Worldwide Market

Worldwide transact more than 5000 Bitcoins daily and our goal is to dominate 40% of the local market share in the first year.


Trade With A Discount

TP Coin holders will have attractive discount on trades, depending on the number of coins they hold (up to 50% discount on trade)


More Coins & Trading Pairs

Members are able to exchange with the largest number of crypto currency pairs in Worldwide Market.


100% Compliant

Top100Exchange is 100% compliant with Worldwide legal & tax regulations, and will be twice-yearly audited by an appointed independent Auditor.


Exchange in Development

Beta testing has been completed and it will be launched after end of 2018, ensuring it is 100% proof tested and ready to operate.


Referral Program

We will be the first exchange to have an affiliate program, making it a great way to benefit from introducing the platform.


PoS Taking

Our TP Coins allow you to mine and validate block transactions using Proof of Stake concept, which members can enjoy the daily interest.


Coin Burn SYSTEM

TP Coin can be used for handling fees in transactions on our platform and it will be burnt after use to ensure coins could never be used for transaction again.


Buy Back Policy

Top100 Exchange will allocate 20% of the market profit to buy back TP Coins every quarterly as a move to reward members.

ICO Pre-sale

  1. 50%

    0.15 USD

  2. 40%

    0.20 USD

  3. 30%

    0.25 USD

  4. 20%

    0.30 USD

  5. 10%

    0.35 USD

  6. 5%

    0.40 USD

  7. END

Fund Allocation

10%Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution

55%Distribution Committee


15%Team and Founder

10%Partnership Program

Terms & Conditions

  1. Team and Founder’s coin to be locked for 2 years.
  2. Advisor’s coin to be locked for 1 year.

Benefit / Added Value

  • in Profit making, company agreed to buy TP coin from the market with addition of 20% increment based on the market value every quarter.

Coin Issuance

  1. New coins will not be issued.
  2. New coin listing & admin fees coins will be burned/destroyed

The Team behind TP Coin

Top100Exchange is a jointly founded organization, whose concept and creation was an effort by experienced and dedicated team of highly professionals. Top100Exchange team consists of expert from crypto and forex traders, expertise from finance and banking industry, strategic planners, developers, designers, blockchain experts and cryptographers, social media experts, entrepreneurs and business professionals who are combined and dedicated to make TOP100Exchange a successful venture.

John Patrick

John Patrick

CEO of TOP100Exchange

He is an astute IT Professional with over 15 years of experience in Project/Product Management, design, application architecture, development, data

Andrew Pipe

Andrew Pipe

CFO of TOP100Exchange

25 years of experience as an advisor to the financial debt and restructuring, Investment Banking, Receivable Finance and Structured Trade

Ruby Hales

Ruby Hales

COO of TOP100Exchange

Ruby started her career in 2008 with Task FZCO and in 2011 moved to Standard Chartered Bank. In 2015 she

Cris Luu

Cris Luu


Expert in development, testing, configuring and troubleshooting computer software. Having over 8 years in the field, he has successfully Identified

Development Roadmap

Idеа аnd Vіѕіоn

Idеа аnd fіrѕt vіѕіоn аbоut Top100Exchanger Cоіn Mаrkеt Rеѕеаrсh and fеаѕаbіltу ѕtudу Cоmраnу іnсоrроrаtіоn Legal Dіlіgеnсе.

July, 2018

Identity Creation

Dоmаіn rеgіѕtеrеd, identity сrеаtеd аnd Mаrkеt соmреtіtоr аnаlуѕіѕ, аrсhіtесturе аnd іnfrаѕtruсturе models dоnе.

July, 2018

Website Development

Stаrtеd dеvеlоріng an MVP аnd рrераrаtіоnѕ fоr thе ICO саmраіgn Tоkеn wаllеtѕ Dеvеlорmеnt

July, 2018

Beta Testing

Cоdіng аnd Bеtа testing Lаunсh оf thе Top100Exchanger.


Exchanger Launch

Lаunсh оf thе Top100Exchanger соіn рublіс wіth a cоmmunіtу and рublіс API


Marketplace, Wallet, API

Lаunсh оf Mаrkеtрlасе, Lаunсh Mоbіlе wallet аррlісаtіоn, Lаunсh оf API fоr ICO саmраіgnѕ



Prе-ѕаlеѕ fоr іnіtіаl investors Tоkеn оffеrіng - ICO Dеереn Tесhnісаl аnd Advіѕоrу tеаm

Aug, 2018

Exchanger Upgrade

1. Fast responsive
2. Ease of use
3. Supported more coin platform
4. Low server maintenance support
5. add erc20 rapidly
6. Supported trade with 3rd party tools
7. Multi coin pair supported
8. Referral commission program

Dec, 2018

How to Earn

on attracting traders to TOP100 Exchange

Attract Traders

First Trader Deposit

Trader's Transactions

Your Profit

Our Advantages

Reliability: Top 100 Exchange is one of major players in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Flexible commission rates program gives you an opportunity to determine the size of your profit.

User-friendly and clear interface.

An array of funds withdrawal methods.

Partnership Bonus

LevelPercent %
Tier 150%
Tier 230%
Tier 320%

TP Coin in the Media

Check what they are talking about us in the media

All cryptocurrencies in one place

Buy and sell cryptocurrency that you want Stay conected soon we'll release new names available in Top100 Exchange.

Easy-to-use Pre-paid Visa and Mastercard

All TOP100 account holders will be able to get a pre-paid credit card where they can spend cryptocurrency in USD. This gives everyone an easy to way use cryptocurrency without having to cash it out via a bank first.

Blockchain Payment Solutions

With Top100, businesses can offer payment for goods and services with Bitcoin and other currencies.

Buy & Sell in Crypto-coins

Directly in Your Virtual Store

The Worldwide E-Commerce market transacts more than $ 50 billion per year and Top100 will offer merchants payment solutions to easily accept any digital currency.

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